February round up

What a month it’s been! What February lacked in days, it certainly made up for in weather. We went from rain to snow, back to rain again, severe frosts, gales, more snow and now double digit temperatures and enough sunshine to make us all start to unfurl.  A big fall of powder snow transformed the … Continue reading February round up


The cost of gardening

During 2020 I kept a spreadsheet of everything I spent on gardening and reviewing this has been a really interesting exercise.  I had always considered myself a fairly frugal gardener.  My plants tend to be swapped with friends or grown from seed and cuttings rather than bought from the garden centre and I reuse and recycle where … Continue reading The cost of gardening

Building a garden pebble mosaic

My borders and plants have been very neglected this season, as I’ve been putting lots of time into two big garden projects.  The first was my beautiful greenhouse, which arrived in April and now looks like its been here forever. My second has been building a large pebble mosaic bee in the front garden.  This … Continue reading Building a garden pebble mosaic