In a vase on Monday

This is my first foray into gardening memes.  When I first started blogging I didn’t realise they were a ‘thing’ or how many they are. One of my favourites is ‘In a vase on Monday’ hosted by Cathy at RamblingintheGarden and it fits in nicely with my 2020 resolution to pick more blooms for the house.

So here is a trio of posies to bring a piece of the garden inside, and keep up the faith that spring is nudging that little bit closer every day.  They were photographed outside to make the most of a bit of early sunshine, and because the house is rather dark which makes photography difficult.

Crocus tommasinianus are some of the first crocuses to arrive, these ones picked from under the shelter of a beech hedge.  I love them when the sun comes out and they open wide to show their saffron stamens. They are here next to snowdrops and eucalyptus in a little brown stoneware pot I bought in a junk shop in Whitby, supposedly a Victorian mustard jar.

Viburnum bodnantense is a real beauty with pink blooms bursting from bare stems.  This particular shrub was cut back and moved from one side of the garden to another when I was renovating a border.  This is the first year I feel it has properly recovered and I’m pleased its forgiven all the upheaval. Its not an ideal cut flower, rapidly dropping its blooms, but gorgeous while it lasts.   

Another viburnum fills out the final vase – viburnum tinus.  Like gorse, this undemanding shrub always seems to have at least one flower on it somewhere at any point in the year. The flowers turn from a faint pink to creamy white when opened and the glossy green foliage has provided a foil for many a flower arrangement throughout the year.

Tucked into the viburnum are a few snippets of heather and of Christmas box – Sarcococca.  In a vase its tiny white scented flowers give me a waft of honey every time I pass them on the stairs.  Outside their scent is more elusive  – I catch faint traces on the air but it’s fleeting and a puzzle to locate.  The plant itself is a rather unassuming, scrubby evergreen. JP Parkers describe it as ‘good for hiding unsightly parts of the garden’, which is scraping the barrel in compliments.  I occasionally think about digging mine out, as it doesn’t earn it keep in summer.  It gets a reprieve by having such a luxurious scent from such tiny flowers, at a time of year when its much needed.

Thank you Cathy for hosting, and I look forward to seeing everyone else’s contributions.

9 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday

  1. So good to have a new contributor to IAVOM – is there a name we can call you? I love your three little pots of winter goodies – but what an unfair impression J Parkers have given of sarcococca. It may be good for hiding unsightly parts of the garden, but its foliage is pretty at all times of the year and it does have attractive berries too. I look forward to hearing more about your garden and what contributions you can find in it for Monday vases


      1. It takes time to get used to what can be done on our blogs – and what we want to do on them of course – and other bloggers can be very helpful if you are unsure about something. See you again soon, Claire!

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  2. Three pretty vases. I love Crocus and undoubtedly would embrace snowdrops as well if either would grow in my climate. The Viburnum flowers are gorgeous too but your comments about the Sarcococca really resonated with me. I had one plant in my former garden and also found it uninspiring, except when in bloom. As my current garden lacks a lot in the scent department I’m considering finding a place for it.


    1. Hello Kris! I see you are in Southern California – what exciting things you can grow and what beautiful light! Browsing your blog I was envious of your echiums. If you look at my post from last February you will see the state mine was in before finally died. I have also heard that Daphne jaqueline postil is amazing for winter scent – its Mediterranean by origin so maybe it would enjoy your climate?


  3. Oh Claire it’s always a pleasure to meet another In ‘A Vase On Monday’ contributor. This meme is not only friendly, great fun, inspirational and absolutely fatal when it comes to wish lists! That’s a most attractive trio of winter flowering gems. Funnily enough my tommies are also under and alongside a beech hedge but they are still rather shy whilst a few on the other side of the lawn have just opened.


    1. Hello Anna! What a surprise IAVOM has been – so sociable and friendly. Have looked looking at everyones contributions. I had a peek at your blog and have vase envy of your small green glass vase that looks like it might be an old ink jar. So perfect for snowdrops!


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