Breaking my new year’s resolutions – one seed packet at a time.

My gardening resolutions for 2020 were:

1. Not to let germination get out of hand, thus spend the entire season pricking out, potting up and potting on, leaving no time for anything else. 

2. To stake plants that need staking. I made an effort last season with my willow supports and cut flowers, but woeful elsewhere.  I have big plans for delphiniums this year so need to shape up.

3. To pick more flowers: This was something of a passion a couple of years ago but I slipped in 2019.  I grew lots of lovely cut flowers and then watched most of them go to seed without them making it into the house or posies for friends. 

Resolution number one lasted all of three weeks.  There is something just so addictive about germination, and the promise of summer locked up in those dry seeds.  I read that email is addictive because whenever you look at your inbox something new might have appeared and occasionally that new thing is something exciting which triggers an addictive response.  That’s exactly how it is with sowing seeds. I love coming back from work and peeping at my germination trays to see what’s happened.  I briefly went onto the Chiltern Seeds website to get some more lithops seeds but over £20 later I can see my windowsills will be crammed as usual.  It was nice to see Chiltern move to plastic free packaging this year too.

overflowing tin of seed packets
Because you can never have too many seeds in your seed tin.

In other gardening news, I have some hyacinths peeping through.  I did tell them its only January and to get back under the soil again, but they are in a very sheltered spot.  Each Christmas, I buy a couple of pots of hyacinth bulbs for the house then split and relocate them in the garden once finished. 

The ones you buy for indoors are so pumped up and top heavy that they tend to flop.  After a season in the garden they slim down and revert to more of a wild type with less flowers per stem, but retain their beautiful scent. A couple of stems in a posy can perfume the whole house, and the blue flowers become inkier and more intense.

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