Galloping into Summer

So, I skipped writing any posts in June – both life and the garden got just too busy. Now it feels like the flush of midsummer is over and everything is starting to get huge and floppy and ready for cutting back. The season is racing on and feels like its almost over without having had any chance to stop and enjoy it. WordPress also seemed to have changed in my month off, and it took me far longer than dignified to figure out how to create a new post. Harrumph.

The front garden has been looking really good this year. When we moved here 6 years ago this areas was wall-to-wall ‘sensible’ shrubs riddled through with couch grass. It’s taken a sustained effort and a lot of organic matter to get the soil mostly weed free and workable.
The pictures below show the same area through from May to late June/early July. The box balls had a flush of new soft green growth and Rosa “Desdemona’ has taken off this year and looks beautifully glamorous.

A job for autumn is to supplement the spring tulips with a yellow or orange variety. There used to be a glowing tangerine coloured clump here, but they vanished in the way that tulips do. Queen of the Night looks heavenly in a vase or catalogue but unless they have a good backdrop, dark flowers make a hole in the garden and I need something to catch the light and lift it up.

Cerinthe battled through the winter as scrawny plants and filled out with a lovely glaucous sheen once the temperature rose. They self seed where they’re happy and its worth letting them do this in the autumn for much bigger plants the following year. My Iris sibirica were brief but beautiful. They take up a lot of room in a prime site for something so fleeting, and may need thinning for next year if I have the heart to do it.

Allium purple sensation is gaily spreadings itself all over and seems very happy. Now in July, the area is past its best, but I have slipped a couple of pots of cosmos into the greenery for some interest later in the summer.

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