A bit of boring gardening

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Spring has really taken off in the garden, the clocks have gone back and I have spent more time gardening than writing about it.

One mammoth task has been completed – finishing off the area where the pond used to be.  This ornamental pond was sited inconveniently in the middle of the lawn and was small and deep with steep sides and two huge water lilies blocking out other life.  Last summer I built a larger wildlife pond to the side of the garden and filled this one in, re-homing an astonishing number of palmate newts in the process.   

It was impossible to lay new turf in last summer’s heatwave, and I got as far turfing a small area before winter set in. I’ve therefore spent the last few months looking at a huge heap of topsoil every time I go outside, putting of doing anything about it. 

So not the most interesting project, and it seemed an awful lot of effort and money just to get back to how the garden probably looked before the previous owner built the pond in the first place. Work involved levelling the area (including raising up the area of turf that had sunk), laying pavers to complete the area of lawn edging, and putting down around six meters of new turf.  It seems to have settled in nicely, helped some torrential April showers, and I was pretty pleased with the brick edging considering it was my first attempt.  

The digging has given the horsetails a surge of energy and they are popping up everywhere, but I don’t really mind. They add an interesting prehistoric element to an otherwise unremarkable border. 

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