Signs of spring

What a treat to have this taste of spring right in the middle of February. My bank of crocuses have opened their faces to the sun every day this week; hellebore, snowdrops, and catkins have all been shining out; and bulbs are peeping through.  I’ve even been happy to see the weed seedlings emerge as … Continue reading Signs of spring

Not the secret garden

Taming rambling roses I’ve been pondering for a while what to do with this area as its been mostly ignored since we moved here six years ago. It’s the boundary hedge adjoining the neighbour’s garden - I use term hedge loosely as it’s a rather scrappy collection of shrubs held together by rambling roses. The … Continue reading Not the secret garden

Echium: a tale of love and loss

A melodramatic title for a garden diva Back in the summer of 2015 I fulfilled a long-standing ambition to visit the Eden Project in Cornwall. Carried away by all the horticultural excitement I purchased two tiny echium plants in 9cm pots. Echium pininana are native to the Canary Islands. They grow into big hairy plants … Continue reading Echium: a tale of love and loss